Academy of Martial Arts

The only Freestyle Martial Arts School of it's kind in Utah!

Our Instructors

Head Instructor

owner / head instructor

Sensei Brenda Flanders

  • Currently holds the rank of 5th degree Black Belt.
  • Began training in 1987 
  • Began teaching martial arts in 1993
  • Earned Jr. Black belt in 1994
  • Earned Black belt in Freestyle Karate in 1996
  • Fought in the 1st Ultimate Combat Experience 2000
  • Active competitor from 1988-2014
  • Has won numerous titles, trophies, award, and grand championships across the Western United States during 1988- 2014
  • Was on the cover of E.K.L. sport karate magazine
  • Undefeated competitor of the year with the EKL 1995
  • Placed 2nd internationally at the National Black League Super Grands 1994 in Point Sparring
  • Founded Valor Academy of Martial Arts in June of 2011
  • Founded Utah Sport Karate League in 2022

Lead Instructors 

Masters of converting FOCUS into CONFIDENCE!

Sensei Brian Hendrikson

Currently holds the rank of 
4th degree Black Belt

I started training in martial arts when I was 6 years old. Throughout the years it has helped me grow not only in physical strength but personally as well. All of the skills and discipline that I acquire in my martial arts practice carry over and benefit me in many ways. I love teaching martial arts because I am able to help people of all ages reach their potential in martial arts and in their life.

Sensei Courtney Wubker

Currently holds the rank of
3rd degree Black Belt

I have been training with Valor for almost 10 years. I pursued all the way to black belt (and continue to train) so that all aspects in my life can improve. I earned my Black belt in 2018, my second degree Black belt in 2019 and my 3rd degree Black belt in 2020. The longer I trained the more my passion for Martial Arts grew. My mindset was always to persevere and put forth 100% effort. I love teaching Martial Arts so that I can help other grow confidence, patience, focus, dedication, respect and integrity. My goal for being an instructor is that everyday my students walk away feeling their best and feeling confident, knowing they are one step closer to their goal.

Sensei Marissa Wubker

Currently holds the rank of
3rd degree Black Belt

I started training in 2011 when I was 7 years old. My mom put me in Martial Arts so that I would know how to defend myself if I needed to. Martial Arts has taught me how to be confident, to show respect, and have discipline. I started to instruct to help others learn how to be confidnet and to help them learn valuable life skills. I got my Black belt August 27, 2018 when I was 14 years old. My second degree in 2019 and my third degree in 2021!

Sensei Kamryn Garrido

Currently holds the rank of
3rd degree Black Belt

I started training in November of 2014, and earned my Black belt in June of 2020. Martial arts has always been something that I have wanted to do since I was a little kid, it has always seemed so fascinating to me, although it's not east. What always drove me was always learning something new! Just when I thought it couldn't get any cooler, I was shown a new technique or trick to learn. What made me want to teach was actually my desire to learn. I had a fun time going to classes and I want the students to have the same experience that I have when learning!

Junior Instructors

An essential parts of our teaching team!

Sensei Caydence Porter

Sensei Chance Porter

Sensei Preston Aune